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De l'Oregon à la Californie (english version)

Today, 220 miles for a nice ride on back roads between Bend Oregon and Alturas in Nothern East of California.

I did’nt spend much time in Bend were I slept at the Motel West, a nice, clean and confortable one.

I started with a cold and clear air. 48°F, I had all my layers and rain gears on !

Originaly, Laura and I were supposed to take a 10 days drive along the Pacific Coast to San Francisco, visit family and friend and continue to Phoenix. Canceled after she broke her legs.

Plan B was to go trough Oregon Mountains and California Sierras to join Reno and down South in the Nevada and Arizon deserts.

Last week bad weather brought back snow and a few roads are closed again and will not reopen until mid-June.

Plan B of the plan B. I went strait across Oregon Mountains on US Route 20 to Bend. Then heading South on the East side of the mountains. Rain and cold will be there until Thursday.

US-97 S from Bend to La Pine where I filled the gas tank. Then OR-31, the Outback Scenic Byway. Very scenic, pine forests, wet lands, dry lakes and snowy mountains on each side. A few tiny village, no gas stations. I stopped in Paisley (243 people) for gas, split pea soup and a cheese sandwich. A long table in the General Store, a great conversation with the 6 persons having lunch there. I was warm to leave.

The rain catch up in the afternoon with huge showers and hail storm. Amazing skies, moving clouds formations. And mountains covered with snow.

OR-31 ends in US-395 not long before the Oregon-California border. New Pine Creek is almost a gost town. A few miles away is the Agriculture and Sanitary Inspection Station. All vehicule must still stop.

I arrived in Alturas around 4PM. A room in one of the 3 motels, shoping for dinner in my room, writing the posts for the blog and... Good Night...

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