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For my English Speaking Family and Friend

I have not forgotten that you are not necessary fluent in French. With the incident, I meet amazing and caring people. On the phone, dealing and manage to help me. It is a great relieve and it gives a sense of what America is really.

The 3rd day had started early in Ohio, clear sky, nice old town of Painesville but the motorcycle broke down

No more juice to run the engine. Road Side assistance was really helpful. The bike was towed to the closest Honda dealer. There I met Robison Ospina. He is an super competent mechanic. I found the replacement part, have it delivered the next morning and was able to put it back before noon onThursday.

In the mean time, he told me to go discover Lake Erie. It was a good thing to do. How beautiful is this sea of fresh water. I coun't believe it. Like being at the ocean.

Today I'm on the road again. I will cheat a bit and take the "Big Fwy". I don't want to have to change all the plans for the next days.

But, mainly, I am so happy.

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