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Yerington Nevada

Yerington is a small town on US 95A in Nevada. At 4290ft, population 3200. The Northern Paiute Indian Tribe has its headquaters in the town. Called Namu in their language, her people have lived in this area for more than 2000 years.

Main Street has 3 casino, 2 motels, different stores, public and private services and artisan, the public school and High School, City Hall and the Lyons County Court House.

The adjacent streets, tree ligned, have well maintened modest houses of mostly farming workers.

On the border of the semi arid zone, winter are cold and summer are very hot.

Unfortunatly for me, today the rain and the wind have dropped the temperature. It suppose to be different tomorrow....

PS : sorry for the previous post. I will translate it later and add it to the post.

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