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Last day of the trip

Since we left you on the road to California, we had no time to post for you, my dear English speaking family and friends. I'm confinded after catching the Covid19. Not ill at all, thank you for the vaccine, but a lot of "free" time at home. so I can finally catch on the blog.

End of Day 2

After Tehachapi, we had to drive still for a few hours. Amazing land to Bakersfield and the oil pump fields to reach Wasco. Small Mexican Town, in the middle of Almonds Trees. Perfect mexican family diner across from our hotel. Not TexMex or CaliMex, no Mexican ! Good original food. We loved it.

Day 3

Saturday October 16th. Bad start for the day. I've lost the motorcycle ignition key. Oops luckily I remembered I had bring a spare with my official papers...

Cold morning sun while we drive strait ouest toward Paso Robles. This is a vineyard town and it smell wine everywhere in town. Strange but nice. From there on to US 101 North. Not really an heavy traffic. I love this road, with oleander to separate the two lanes, and the little bells to mark the access for the Missions.

Fields of vegetables, hundred of workers, leaning over the crops to pile them in huge trucks. California is the biggest agricultural producer.

We quit 101 in Salinas. West again. Cross Castroville, the "world capital of artichokes" to join Route 1 and we arrive in Santa Cruz under a really hot sun.

Cory and Chris, Sandy and Dick, Jennifer and Jay. It is so great to stop to see them. We are lucky to be in Santa Cruz for the open art studio week-end. Enjoyable creations all over the city.

The last stretch.

Driving route 17 East to San Jose on a Saturday afternoon is a different experience on a motorcycle. We loved it, the smells coming from the warm trees are exhilarating. The big freeway to Hayward is crowded and much less fun. But, we made it ! Hayward hills where the B&B we used to go to for the last five years is still amazing. We cannot quit our eyes from the view.

This trip is done. Such a good time with Maxim. Tomorrow, after our coffee at Pearl, we clean and cover the motorcycle in Sara's garage until next spring.

Then return flight to Paris

BTW, I found the key in my shorts pocket.....


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